Friday, September 7, 2007

Portsmouth Bites-in Diop


Fulhams midfielder Papa Bouba Diop has been signed in by Portsmouth on a three year contract.

Harry Redknapp, Pompey’s manager has been closely following the moves of the huge midfielder for much of summers and has finally landed his catch.

The indecision that had characterised Gary O’Neil’s transfer to middlesborough had delayed the Diop deal almost to closure time on the deadline date for transfers. But once O’Neil had finally accepted his move to the riverside, the way opened up in the last minute for Diop to join Portsmouth.

With over 70 premier League appearances on his back, the Senegal international foot ball player had been playing for The cottages since joing them from French side Lens in 2004.

Danny Murphy’s deal was next on line for the Fullham’s boss Lawrie Sanchez.It is said that the former Liverpool star has been at Craven cottage for talks with a view to a switch to the other side of London.

Do you think Pompey’s new addition in Papa Bouba Diop will strengthen their side this season? Lets have those your take on this by leaving us a comment.

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