Friday, September 7, 2007

West Ham Pulls a Quickie Before Transfer Season is Over

In a last minute effort to bolster their attacking force, West Ham have managed to get New castle’s Nolberto Solano on a free transfer deal and Wigan’s Henri Camara on loan. The quickly arranged and effected football teams’ transfers were effected just days before the closure of the transfer window.

Alan Curbishley, in a desperate effort to bring in a stronger right-sided midfielder pulled all strings taught and went jugular to bring in the 2 attackers. The loan and free transfer was necessary strengthen the right side attack quarters after the newly summer signed Kieran Dyer got a broken leg.

Magpies boss Sam Allardyce had earlier in the summer said that he had no intention of letting Solano leave but that circumstances had changed. Solano has been recalled by national team of Peru after an absence of two years and most possibly Allardyce might have free traded him now that he can’t be tied down.

Camara, the Senegal striker was brought in from Wigan. The 30 year old Camara has moved to Upton Park for a loan transfer that is a season long to further West Hams front right attack squad.

Get more premiership football action and coverage on you PC here. Click on Image Please.

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