Friday, September 7, 2007

Lassana Diarra Joins the Gunners Arsenal


Arsenal tactical boss, Arsene Wenger has gone full length to acquire the versatile former chelsea right back Lassana Diarra.

The Gunners manager has for a long time had his sights on the French player Diarra, who had played Against Arsenal in last season’s Carling Cup final.

Diarra on his part also praised Arsenal’s French manager and credited him for organizing the free flowing Arsenal’s football game plan. Diarra actually said that his decision to accept the Arsenal transfer was pegged on his admiration of the teams more organized and synchronized play.

In his own words, Diarra said “ I have great respect for the manager Arsene Wenger and am attracted by his style of football that the team plays,” Diarra told the Arsenal’s official website.

He further said, “ Of course I am excited by what the future holds and keen to play my part in helping Arsenal fight for trophies this season and for years to come.”

Diarra, a natural in the mid-field defense had been playing the right back position in Chelsea. A Possible fact that may have left him yearning to find a place where his actual comfort play zone is recognized. Wenger is impressed by the versatility of the young player in being able to double up in the two positions despite his orientation in the midfield back.

In Wenger’s own words he said, “ Lassana is a multi-functional player, making him a great addition o our squad.” Further he said that “ not only is he hardworking, he has a creative edge and is comfortable playing in the middle of the pitch or at right back.

Do you think adding Diarra on the Gunners Arsenal will have a positive effect? Tell us why by leaving a comment. Thanks.

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